BACK TO BASICS: Proper Towing Procedures*

Don’t overload. Make sure you know what the maximum weight you can carry. (See Feb 27, 2016 post “But it says 7000 GVW….”). Nexhaul offers trailers with 2990, 7000, & 9900 GVW. Tandem axles can double each of these amounts. This weight total includes the empty weight of the trailer and what you carry in it.

Crossing the safety chains will improve the chance that the trailer will land on top of the chains instead of dropping to the ground.

Check the brake battery before your trip to make sure it is still working.

The loaded trailer should be level to the ground.

Inflate the tires to the manufacturer’s maximum recommended cold pressure.

Make sure your trailer lights are working.

Make sure your tie downs are all secure each time you stop.

(* compiled from Popular Mechanics “The Right Way to Tow a Trailer” by Mike Allen 7/20/11

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