"But it Says 7000 GVW"

Helping Nexhaul dealers guide their customers with the right trailer is a top priority with Nexhaul Trailers. Remember, not every trailer is BUILT to haul every item. Take our Enclosed 24' Trailers FOR EXAMPLE:

Our 24' Enclosed Trailers COME STOCK with two 3500 pound Dexter EZY Lube Axles. That gives

you A 7000LB total Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). 7000LB total GVW sounds like a lot but FIRST YOU MUST FACTOR IN THE WEIGHT OF THE TRAILER ITSELF. 8.5 x 24 Enclosed Trailers typically weigh around 3500lbs. Subtracting the trailer weight will give you a payload (cargo in trailer) of 3500 pounds. Going over the 3500 lb payload mark on the 7000 (GVW) models could create an overload issue.

The MOST IMPORTANT question is what's the weight of your payload? This could be a car, boxes, or cargo. NO MATTER WHAT YOU’RE HAULING, if it's over 3500 pounds YOU’LL NEED TO increase the axle rating to 5200 pound or 7000 pound. Keeping these tips in mind will help OUR Nexhaul dealers and their customers get better performance out of their trailers.

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